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4 Ways to Identify Your Strengths

Tell me, what keeps you motivated to accomplish your goals? We've all done this...decided to accomplish a goal, created a plan, been extremely motivated about it...then all of a sudden the motivation starts doing a roller coaster ride. It goes up and down, back and forth, but somehow you accomplish your goal.

I know, because I've been on that roller coaster, scared and excited at the same time. For example, graduating college, staying on a job I didn't like, or even starting my blog. I went up and down in staying motivated, because it wasn't always something I loved or enjoyed. I've found that my strengths are connected to what I love. Identifying my personal strengths have made the process of reaching my goals easier, realistic, and enjoyable. What are your personal strengths?

4 Ways to Identify Your Strengths 

1. Tap Into Who You Are

Who you are is summed up into one word...character! Yes, your character, is a perfect example of how you think and behave. It's your morals, beliefs, and inner most feelings creating what everyone knows and admires about you. Let's think, maybe it's your integrity, courage, or honesty, whatever it may that as a reminder of who you are. Personally, I've learned that, the very thing that people know you for is what you want to continue to build and grow your strengths from daily. For me it's encouragement, I've been told that I see the positive and give encouraging words. When I find myself failing or wanting to give up, my strength is to stay encouraged and look at the good in the situation. Tell me, what do people admire most about your character? How can you be creative and use it to your advantage daily?

2. Remember Your Experiences and Obstacles

Your experiences and sometimes obstacles, have made you who you are today. It's apart of your character or what I like to call, story. Let me tell you, the best thing about your story, is that no one can tell it better than you because you're the author! No one remembers the work, dedication, resiliency and sometimes failures it took you to get back up and try again...only you know that! In high school my family and I lost everything due to a flood, and I mean everything! It was hard, and we could of dwelled on the situation but we kept going and stayed encouraged. Again, positive thinking and encouragement, has helped me overcome hard situations. For you, what obstacles did you overcome? How did you overcome and is that strength still relevant now?

3. Applaud Your Success

Yeessss, applaud your success! Your successes can be graduating from college, moving to a new city, purchasing your first home, or simply fulfilling a health or fitness goal. Whatever your success is, take some time to applaud yourself, or even pat yourself on the back for the hard work you've accomplished. This year my goal is to be transparent with those around me but also in my blog. I've purposely opened up to those around me and talked in transparently about issues that bother me. Honestly, it's been a journey and the small amounts of growth I've made, I've counted as success. What have you done recently or in the past that others haven't? What did you do differently in the present than in the past that contributed to that success?

4. Do You and Do What Makes You Happy

It's that simple, do you and do what makes you happy! Don't get caught up in what everyone around you is doing. Find what works for you, what makes you happy, and how you can make that happiness a reality for yourself daily. Maybe you find joy in helping others, cooking for friends and family, or organizing events...whatever it may be, us that joy as a personal strength to grow deeper into who you are. Again, my strength is seeing the positive and giving encouragement. I use my strengths as a social worker daily. I encourage and help others to see the positive in their life, while giving them the resources to change the negative. When you're doing you, and what makes you happy, what strength are you using?

Thanks so much for reading and Simply Be!


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