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7 Ways to Tell You Have a Weak Core


Oh, I've got some good information for you'll today! It’s all about warning signs that your core muscles are getting weak.

This is HUGE for your fitness & wellness because your core muscles are some of the most important in your body.

They support your spine and your internal organs, and they power almost every movement you make.

The problem is, our lifestyles work against having a strong core – and over time your muscles can get weaker without you even realizing it! This can set you up for poor posture, injuries, aches & pains, and more!

Have you noticed any of these warning signs?

7 Ways to Tell You Have a Weak Core

1. You have to use your arms to help you get out of bed or out of a chair. This one can be super sneaky because you can do it subconsciously.

Here’s a test to try right now: sit down in a chair, wait a few seconds, and then stand up. Did you automatically reach out to grab a table, desk, or even put your hands on your thighs to push you up?