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Do You Crave This at Night?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Hey Family,

This month we’re taking a deep dive into CRAVINGS! Lately, I feel like I’ve been craving any and everything sweet and salty, and there’s a definite time of day they seem to strike the most…

AT NIGHT! I know I can’t be the only one who’s found it easy to eat, or indulge on what makes us feel good.

In my latest ebook, Crush Your Cravings, I talk about a lot of physical, emotional, and lifestyle causes of cravings. (If you want a copy for only $5, you can download it here:

There are some actual biological causes of cravings – and that includes at nighttime!

They can happen even if you’re doing everything “right.”

By that I mean, you’re not skipping meals, you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fiber and protein, you fuel your workouts, you’re sleeping well, you drink enough water during the day, and you’re not stressed.

That’s because your body’s internal clock is wired to make you feel hungry at night. This might have been for survival reasons for our ancestors, but it’s definitely not something we need now!

That internal hunger “alarm clock” can make it too easy to pick up a nighttime snacking habit.

And that’s especially true if you’re coming off a period of time where maybe you’ve been a little extra stressed, or haven’t been getting enough sleep, or … you get the idea.

You might notice cravings kick in as soon as you start to wind down for the night – just out of habit.

The fix: give your nighttime routine a general overhaul, at least for a while, to break free from your cravings cycle.

That means doing something DIFFERENT!

If you usually munch on snacks while watching TV … instead try reading, going for a walk, or tackle a new hobby.

Or maybe do some stretching or yoga to just need to shake up your routine to help shift out of your old habits and patterns.

You might just be surprised at how much better you sleep! And you might be inspired to try new things and uncover new interests.

Give this a try for a few nights and see how it works for you!

At Simply BE, we focus on simple, sustainable changes that can add up to big results, what can we do to help you?



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