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This Changed My Life...

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Hey Family!

It's been too long, I took some time and stepped away, but I'M BACK!!! With new content that I can wait share.

I want to talk to you about something SO IMPORTANT today that is a big part of keeping up with a fitness and wellness lifestyle!

And I have a fun and empowering tip for putting it into action…starting today.

First: this “something” is SELF-WORTH!...

...and it fuels SO MUCH of your life! It’s all about realizing how important and valuable you are. And also how WORTHY you are of being treated well and living a healthy and fit life.

It’s a little different – and a whole lot more important – than self-esteem.

Here’s a really quick example of what I’m talking about:

Let’s say you try on some shirts at the mall, and you don’t like the way your arms look, or maybe you’re not pleased with your midsection. You might even realize you have low self-esteem in these areas – i.e., they don’t make you feel confident.