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What’s YOUR Word of the Year?

We are two weeks into 2021 already! Now that 2021 is in full swing and the holidays are behind us…

That means it’s time to take ACTION…and I’ve got an experiment for you to fire up that excitement for the year!

It’s to pick your “WORD OF THE YEAR!”

Your word will set the tone for the entire year. It’s basically like your 2021 mantra. It’s your intention. Your word will help you to:

● Stay focused

● Set priorities

● Make decisions

● Reach your goals

Here’s how it works.

It’s simple. All you do is choose a word that resonates with you and what you aim to achieve this year, and keep it front-and-center in your mind as the year progresses.

But it’s also challenging because it has to be the RIGHT word, one that you connect with emotionally AND that aligns with your life and goals.