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Why the Denial Mindset is so 2020!

Happy Tuesday Family!!!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You decide to go on a BIIGGGG health kick and “clean up” your lifestyle–and that means getting rid of things, behaviors, addictions, get the point.

Maybe it’s certain foods (or even food groups)…or maybe it’s “activities” you decide to STOP doing (happy hour, TV binges, etc.).

Basically, it’s all about things you have to DENY yourself!

What if you flipped that script around and looked at it as UPGRADING your life instead?

This little mindset trick can turn a negative outlook into a fun and positive one that helps you create habits you will stick with and actually ENJOY!

● Instead of denying yourself a mid-afternoon snack, upgrade your chips and dip into a handful of pistachios or one ounce of dark chocolate.

● Instead of cutting out all “carbs” like bread or pasta, upgrade to nutrient-dense options like sweet potatoes or fiber-rich pasta made with chickpea flour.

● Instead of trudging through your usual cardio machine workout routine, join a fun class online with me or dance to have more fun and get even better results!

It’s all about finding ways to switch up what you’re doing NOW for something that actually adds value to your life and helps you move forward.

Plus…and this is super important

If you’re simply swapping one activity for another it means that you already have a habit in place! That makes it so much easier to stick to over time.

If you need help finding your own healthy upgrades, I’m here to help!

Thanks for reading and #SimplyBE


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