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These 5 Seconds are Life-Changing!

Hey Family!

Have you heard of the 5-second rule?

(No, I am not talking about the 5-second rule for food dropped on the floor. :-)

Call it whatever you want-motivation, drive, or discipline–but this rule can be a total game-changer in that department. I’ve talked about this in the past, and come back to it time after time because it is SO IMPORTANT for your results.

Yes, it’s true: your success can come down to as little as 5 seconds, according to author Mel Robbins, who wrote an entire book about it!

Here’s how the rule works. The moment you get a “spark” to do something that will help you move closer towards your goals–you count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...and then you DO IT!

I know it's not always easy, I'm still working on this myself, but that brief countdown is the amount of time it can take for your brain to dominate your "best" motivations.

There’s a part of your brain that HATES change, yep, we all have it.. Our brain literally, likes to stay in its own little comfort zone (even if you no longer find that zone very comfy).

But if you are able to TAKE ACTION before it can stop you, you WIN!

For example: Let say you're about about to sit on the couch to watch TV, and you have a goal of being more active. You suddenly think, “Aww, It’s nice out. I should go for a walk.”

If you say 5-4-3-2-1- and right away put on your shoes to go for a walk, your brain won’t have time to respond with, “Nah, I’m feeling tired, I think I’ll just chill out right here instead.”

Makes sense, right?

It’s basically the same as Nike’s tagline: Just Do It! It gets you out of your head and spurs you into ACTION.

Which is perfect, because that’s where the change happens!

Try it for yourself. The best part is, over time you'll start to see firsthand how well it can work in your life...even with the small things.

So try it out today, and let me know how it works.

Thank you for reading and #SimplyBE


PS: If you’re ready to create a real change in your life, let’s set up a free goal-mapping session and I can help you put a plan together.

In fact, 5-4-3-2-1 it and reply to this email right now! You’ve got absolutely NOTHING to lose. I look forward to talking with you soon!

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