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Why I Had to Change My Thinking!

Good Morning,

I’m going to get a little personal today...but it’s a story I am 99.9% sure you can relate to, at least a little!

For the past year, I was working on a MAJOR goal I set for myself, which was to receive my LCSW (License in Clinical Social Work). I worked over 150 hours of clinical supervision for over three years, all I that was left was to study, and take the test. Sounds way right?!

To be 100% transparent, it felt almost TOO BIG to be realistic. But it was important for me to give in to negative self-talk, so I started putting my plan together on how when I was going to study.

I mapped out a clear, step-by-step plan for myself to make it happen; and then I put that plan into action!

It wasn’t long before I started making some pretty progress. I studied for over eight months in a clinical prep group daily, took study test, listened to material daily and started feeling confident about taking my test.

Chile, then, the pandemic happened, and everything around us went on hold.

I was approved by the board of ASWB to take my test, a week before the pandemic really went into effect. As you know, nothing was open or operating...especially not testing centers. That was the last thing on anyone’s mind, including me, to be honest.

Test centers and registration were unavailable and for some reason, I felt like the actuality of accomplishing my goal was at a complete halt. I actually started dreading the entire process of studying and enjoying the life of quarantine.